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Specializing in Law, Art, Author, Professional, Business, and Non Profit Websites

Affordable Quality

No surprises. Your expectations will be met. Affordably, promptly.

Super Support

Normal response is less than 24 hours, and usually within minutes.

Our clients love us

They all say it, and we think the client is always right.

Image Protection

You should not be tested in court to use an image, so we provide a royalty free image, just in case you don't.


Our protection methods  ensure your site will be tamper proof, to the full extent possible.

Don't make your visitor think

Several types of navigation on your site will help visitors easily recognize what you are all about.


We install analytics to follow your visitors, when they follow you.

We will get along

Professional and Friendly manner, a responsive and courteous fellow.


The work is usually finished the same day you make the request for changes, so your text or graphic is there right away, sometimes within minutes.

Website Services

These are some of the popular issues that we offer solutions for:


Reconstruction or a face lift, adding life to a dead website
 How do you want it rebuilt?


After or before you are hacked you will need security for peace of mind
Our maintenance agreements are perfect for that

New Website

Either a calling card type of website, or a complete product display, or everything in between
 We offer maintenance after a new build, making both the build and the follow through affordable.


We'd love to work with you.

HSS - specializing  in Law, Art, Author, Professional and Non Profit Websites - We'd love to help you -  Building websites since 2001
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