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Most of the pictures featured here can be purchased on the photographs section of this site, more on that later. I was born and raised in San Francisco, what a blessing it was to have such a fantastic area to develop my interest in photography. In the mid sixties, I found myself switching gears, off to sea it was serving my country onboard the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk, I did a lot of growing up in those days FAST.

After the Viet Nam days, I found myself back home in San Francisco, not doing photography but rather working at the Chevrolet dealership where I honed my skills as a mechanic which would later in life become my main source of income. During those years, I still practiced my photography skills using my Nikon F Photomic and many other Nikon Cameras, I had a deep yearning inside to get out and explore this grand world of ours, capture it on film and bring it back for everyone to see. At that time I had to make some choices whether to stay doing photography or an Automotive career I went with an Automotive Career and built a large Automotive complex in Santa Rosa California, Building Custom Cars, Hot Rods Fabrication, Welding, Electrical and Service , also continuing photography  on the side. www.dimatteosstreetrods.com

I never lost my love for travel, something I think being in the Navy instilled in me, you know, once you get bit by the travel bug you just have to “Get out there”. (I love Europe and I think Europe is one of the most fascinating photojournalist opportunities) Along the way the technology of going from film to digital had me purchasing, a Nikon D2x and most recently a Nikon D3x Nikon D5 with lenses 16.35 F4 24-70 F2.8 70-200 F2.8 24-120 F3.5 80-200 2.8. Nikon 200 500 Vr

Now I find myself fulfilling my passion for photography, I am sub contract for a travel company, which affords me to both travel, and do photojournalism for the likes of Blake Shelton, Trace Atkins, and many other country and western singers. I am also involved with studio photography shooting custom cars, street rods, Fashion, birthdays, weddings and a host of other related events. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to schedule a photo shoot, the information is located on the contact section of this website.

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