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Here is an assessment tool to help you evaluate your professional life and your personal life. For each statement, give a score showing how much you agree with the statement, 10 being the highest degree of agreement and 0 being total disagreement. Average the scores for each section. If a statement does not apply to your situation, don’t answer it. Some statements will refer to an individual law practice or a law firm, so answer accordingly. The following is an interactive form, and it is also available here in PDF format.

Daniel Roberts

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I. Professional LifeSatisfaction:

(0 being total disagreement,10 most in agreement)012345678910
1. My work is fulfilling. It provides the mental stimulation and emotional gratification I need to be satisfied with how I earn my living.
2. I am very satisfied with my decision to become a lawyer. I have never considered changing careers.
3. I look forward to going to work every day.
4. I feel that my work is important and that what I do makes a difference.
5. I do not work too much. I have plenty of time for my family and my personal life.
6. Stress is not a problem for me. My work is not stressful or I know and use methods to reduce my stress.
7. I keep a good balance between my professional and personal life.
8. I have enough time to comply with deadlines.
9. I am happy with my area(s) of law practice. I have not considered changing the type of law that I practice.
10. I still have enough energy left at the end of the workday to enjoy my personal life.
11. I have all of the education, knowledge and skills I need to be a good attorney.
12. I always do the best job I am capable of doing.
13. I am well respected by my peers and colleagues.
14. Representing the clients I do gives me a great deal of satisfaction.
15. My office/law firm represents the right clients for the right reasons.

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(0 being total disagreement,10 most in agreement)012345678910
1. My legal career provides a good living for my family and me. Our needs are well met.
2. My office/law firm’s expenses are low. There is not a struggle each month to cover the overhead.
3. I have/my law firm has a marketing plan and follow it faithfully.
4. I have/my law firm has the support staff and technology necessary to get the work out cost effectively.
5. My/my law firm’s law practice areas are diversified enough to avoid financial risk. .
6. My/my law firm’s client base is diversified enough to avoid financial risk.
7. My monthly income is consistently high enough to pay my bills, taxes and other obligations as they become due.
8. I am not underpaid. I make as much or more than my services are worth on the legal market.
9. I am doing everything I can to maximize my income and minimize my expenses.
10.Compared to my peers, I am doing very well financially.
11. My legal fees are priced right.
12.My clients give me repeat business and refer legal business to me.
13. My legal work is always done on time and the invoices go out on schedule.
14.There are at least good 3 reasons why clients should choose my/our law firm over our competition.
15. I/my law firm am constantly aware of our monthly expenses, receivables and work in progress.

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(0 being total disagreement,10 most in agreement)012345678910
1. I work with the right people.
2. The atmosphere at my law office/law firm is positive and healthy.
3. There are no petty politics or personality problems to deal with at my office.
4. I have the right people in my support staff.
5. The law office looks professional and I am proud of its appearance.
6. The office environment brings out the best in me.
7. My law firm and I are compatible. We share the same values and philosophy.
8. I really like the people I work with and enjoy being around them.
9. I am happy with my personal office space, desk, chair, equipment and décor. There is nothing I would change.
10. People’s personal affairs and problems are handled considerately and appropriately and do not interfere with business.
11. The attorneys and staff in my office give me a feeling of family and shared purpose.
12.The support staff does a great job. No improvement is possible.
13. I get along well with, like and respect the other attorneys in my office.
14. We take time to get to know each other aside from our work roles.
15. Law office administrative functions are handled efficiently and do not waste my time.

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(0 being total disagreement,10 most in agreement)012345678910
1. I have all of the books, computers, software and equipment I need to do my work well and be efficient and I know how to use them.
2. My support staff is well trained. There is nothing they need to learn and no skills they need to develop in order to do a better job.
3. I plan my time. I schedule what to do and when to do it and I stick to my plan.
4. I do not procrastinate.
5. I schedule interruption-free time into every workday to do important tasks.
6. I don’t waste time.
7. I am clear on what is the highest and best use of my time.
8. I delegate whenever possible.
9. I take the time to train my support staff in how to best support me.
10. I handle the most important tasks first. I handle important tasks before they become urgent-important tasks.
11. I don’t over commit.
12. I always under promise and over deliver.
13. I have a system for efficiently handling voicemail and email and I stick to it.
14. I am very good at estimating the time it will take to perform each task.
15. I schedule breaks to keep my energy up.

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Future Prospects:

(0 being total disagreement,10 most in agreement)012345678910
1. I am in the right career. I can see myself practicing law until I retire.
2. I am working at the right place. I can see myself working in my present law practice/law firm into the foreseeable future.
3. I am in the right legal practice area. It has a bright future with good income potential.
4. I am on track to make all of the money I want to make in my legal career.
5. I have a plan for my legal career and I am following that plan.
6. I am on a path of professional growth that will give me the knowledge and experience I need to achieve my legal career goals.
7. I stay on track with my plans; I don’t just take the easiest path.
8. I am very clear on what I want out of my legal career/law practice and how to achieve it.
9. I keep up with the legal profession; statistics, trends, new practice areas and challenges. I am well informed.
10. I know exactly what is my ideal legal case.
11. I can describe precisely my ideal legal client.
12. I have a system to maintain contact with my former law clients and I use it.
13. I have a network of attorneys and business contacts and I keep in touch with my network.
14. I have constructed a Life Plan and I know exactly how my legal career/law practice fits into the plan and my life goals.
15. I don’t do it all alone. I get help from experts to help me achieve my goals.

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The top 5 challenges I face in my professional life:


II. Personal Life


(0 being total disagreement,10 most in agreement)012345678910
1. I am very happy and in love with my partner/ I am very happy being single and enjoy my lifestyle.
2. I show my partner how much I love her/him regularly. I enjoy being romantic
3. My partner loves me and shows it.
4. I am close to my children and there is nothing in the way between us.
5. I spend regular quality time with my children. I spend more than enough time with them.
6. I have a happy and loving family. There are no problems we have not worked through.
7. I enjoy my extended family and in-laws and we get along well.
8. I am loved by the people who mean the most to me.
9. I have plenty of friends; all that I want.
10. I really enjoy my friendships and take the time to cultivate and nurture them.
11. I have 1 or 2 really good friends that I can confide in.
12. I know my neighbors and we get along well.
13. I tell my loved ones that I love them often.
14. I am involved in at least one group aside from work where we share a common interest.
15. There is nothing left undone in my relationships.

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(0 being total disagreement,10 most in agreement)012345678910
1. I am not stressed about money.
2. I am following a plan for financial independence.
3. Money comes easily; I don’t have to struggle for it.
4. I regularly invest or save a portion of my income.
5. I do not have credit card debt.
6. I am very knowledgeable about money and finances.
7. When I buy, I buy wisely and base my decisions on value and quality.
8. I have enough money saved for at least three months of living expenses.
9. The work that I do provides more than enough money for my needs and wants.
10. I am following an investment plan that will fully fund my retirement needs.
11. I have a budget and I follow it faithfully.
12. I don’t buy something unless I love it.
13. I have an excellent credit rating.
14. My work has good prospects for increased income.
15. I do not overspend.

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(0 being total disagreement,10 most in agreement)012345678910
1. I exercise regularly and am in excellent shape for my age.
2. I watch my diet, both the kind and the amount of food I eat.
3. I do not take illegal drugs.
4. I do not smoke.
5. I do not drink excessively.
6. I watch my caffeine intake.
7. I receive regular check ups and medical care.
8. I visit my dentist regularly; my teeth are in great shape.
9. I do not have high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
10. I take vitamins and supplements daily.
11. I get plenty of sleep.
12. I meditate or have some period of quiet reflective time every day.
13. I avoid stress and if it occurs I handle it effectively.
14. I do not put myself at risk for sexually transmitted diseases.
15. There is nothing I am doing to endanger my health.

[sb name="jsHealth"]



(0 being total disagreement,10 most in agreement)012345678910
1. I delegate whenever possible.
2. I do very few errands.
3. I don’t over commit my time.
4. I ask others for help when I need it.
5. I do put first things first.
6. I concentrate my efforts in areas where I have my greatest strengths.
7. I avoid work in areas where I have my greatest weaknesses.
8. I set aside quiet time each day to work on important tasks.
9. I prioritize my tasks.
10. I make sure that I am clear on what to do before I start the job.
11. I know and use the techniques for good decision making.
12. I have the self-discipline to stay focused on my work.
13. I have the tools I need to do the best job is the shortest time.
14. I know and use time management techniques.
15. I don’t reinvent the wheel.

[sb name="jsEffectiveness"]


Self Awareness:

(0 being total disagreement,10 most in agreement)012345678910
1. My personal values are clear and I use them to guide my life.
2. I know myself well and like the person that I am.
3. I have resolved all of my past issues.
4. I know my strengths and my weaknesses.
5. I don’t spend time with unpleasant people.
6. I set high standards for myself and live up to them.
7. I don’t let people take advantage of me.
8. I have developed my spiritual nature.
9. I tolerate very little.
10. I know my purpose and mission in life.
11. I am at choice as to how to live my life.
12. I know how to get what I want with the least amount of effort.
13. I know exactly what I want out of my life.
14. I have a life plan and am working the plan.
15. I could die today with no regrets.

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III. What I have/what I want:

The 10 things in my life I am the most grateful for:

The 10 things I most want to change in my professional or personal life:

IV. The actions I will take to make these changes:

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