Mx agreements

Monthly SEO subscription. This is not a budget breaker.
Have as much work done on your site as you desire, and know your bottom line every month.

Each month at least 2 hours of work on your site will be done including modifying pages and meta, content changes, heading tag optimization. Graphic text will be replaced with real text, searchable by the search engines. HSS will create xml sitemaps and put google analytics in place for reporting. Obviously a site audit would be nice first, but if you don't want a blue print for how the domain should be optimized, and your budget won't allow that, start here. You will know that your site is being looked after. Depending on how your site is currently structured, and a projection of costs to bring your site into parity with your competitors, a determination will be made as to the entire cost and options will be offered such as;

  • The costs for a rebuild versus the ongoing SEO subscription services
  • The amount of work required for each page
  • The quick and more complete work effort as opposed to the ongoing budget consideration

In short, even if you decide not to use the subscription service you will know more about your site then you started with, without having to do the site audit. Obviously this overview is less thorough and comprehensive than the audit.

Pay monthly: ( two hours only)


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