Hi, my name is Edward Rosenthal, and i was born in Rochester NY where my father was a son of a Russian ( Poland) immigrant in 1902. Perhaps that is why i loved Russian music and authors, and even their language. I learned chess as well, and taught myself Cyrillic so i could read Moscow chess bulletins. I volunteered to be a member of USMC for vietnam and later lived in San Francisco. I studied at San Francisco State and earned a B.A. in Poetry/Creative Writing. I was working on a M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology at John F. Kennedy in Orinda, when i took a job at Lawrence Berkeley Lab. I worked at LBL for 15 years in operations, consulting and business programming, and later worked freelance in S.F. with Oracle and Informix databases, doing a lot of programming. I live in Corvallis OR with my wife Pam and our 5 dogs, some adopted while we ran a dog rescue out of Santa Rosa CA. I read widely and adore my musical and artistic son Jesse. And i build websites where you can find me at https://highersourcesites.com/. For any reason you can email me at ed@highersourcesites.com.

Higher Source Web Sites started developing web sites in 2001, while in the real estate business. He started blogging and developing sites for his colleagues and his company, then other Real Estate companies. His background in business programming, database administration, & software development made staying within the soft technologies more appealing than other choices.

He has helped moving companies, sign makers, yoga teachers, health professionals, book sellers, fish food providers, manufacturers, restaurants, lending companies, mortgage companies, legal nurses, musicians,coaches, graphic designers, psychologists, book dealers, bloggers, ad agencies, lawyers, flooring contractors, building contractors and other companies in the trades, real estate brokers and agents, vacation rental owners; the list goes on and on...This collaboration with companies has provided a better online presence, more traffic, better branding, more money from eCommerce and content marketing and consultation support throughout the process. I would love to hear how you are planning your web presence.

Prior to his interest in web technologies he worked at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, in the Berkeley Ca Hills & then freelanced or was hired at several San Francisco companies such as Providian, Miller Freeman, and CMP Media primarily as an Oracle and Informix Database Administrator. His first job was with University of Rochester, Rochester NY, when he was 12. He operated a machine like the one on the right, an IBM 7070.

He resides in Corvallis OR with his wife Pamela and their several rescue dogs.

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