Custom Website Project Estimator

Use this form to give a rough idea of the cost of your new website project.

What is a custom website?

Special care in all aspects of design, layout, and consulting. Using the Platinum Rule ( care for others as you would be cared for). Taking the time to do it right, repeated conversation and consultation. Non template, researched, curated. Not served to the public until pixel perfect and ready for production. Bringing all aspects under scrutiny, tested and retested. SEO research, demographics, business understanding all play a role in design and implementation. Expect more, pay more.

It is strictly for your benefit, but if you decide to go forward with more conversation about your project with Higher Source Sites, please make a note of your results so that we can compare what we think you need in context, at least for a start. But if you continue shopping remember this number in any event, so you can compare with others. It is basically a tool to help understand better your needs and your vision.

Remember we construct the site based on your specifications, or if given latitude
we combine our decades of experience in composing up to two or three prototypes
and will create based on those basic concepts.

Prices reflect Higher Source Sites work on the site; construction, styling, & implementation. Warranties are to functionality for the life of the HSS management of the website.

Additionally, we have referral partners for all aspects of graphic design; logo, marketing, branding as well as digital marketing partners to ensure the success of your website project at the enterprise level.

Using Higher Source Sites the cost will be approximately one third to a half using our freelance rates compared to a web design agency , and about twice to three times as much compared to going offshore.

We are smaller than an agency, have little overhead, and work in-house.
Using an agency will likely take longer generally because you are in a waiting period, and their specialists will need to free up before getting to you. Communication with us is relatively easy - you call and we answer the phone, or get back to you very shortly.

Going offshore may save money in the short term, and cost you long term. We work collaboratively though, so we suspect if you do not know what you want, it will still take time ( but still relatively inexpensive). It was always thus.

If this is an urgent need and you need it urgently, then a time element factor will need to be added, and as well . Content readiness plays a factor in that scenario.

Extras for site over 2500.00 includes;

  • Phone Consultations
  • SEO Ideas & Tips
  • Resource Page with links
  • Social Media Links
  • Contact us Page with Map to your business
  • 2 Email account setup

Extras for site over 3500.00 includes;

  • 6 Months Maintenance
  • Security Enhancements
  • Daily Backups


Not Included are

  • Domain Fees
  • Hosting Fees


Depending on your industry it is helpful to have some of the following pages

  • Mission/Vision Statement
  • Terms of Service
  • Services Page
  • Contact Page
  • About Us

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