Here are some of my favorite places to visit ( when i am working ). for checking your site at a very high level. The main problem i see with this type of overview though is not all industries go with the social flow, which this site is trying to do - not everything fits this one size. I don't believe law sites should have social media buttons but they might blog, depending on the type of law site for example. And not all lawyers are of the mind to have fans, or care about that. Perhaps you think differently and can show how social media has helped their profession? On the other hand, if a practicing attorney has the time and energy to work social media and blog then it might work. Or perhaps they hired someone to do all that work for them. That works too. for entertaining & informative articles about marketing for educational articles about SEO for realizing how little we know about everything written by one of the most knowledgeable person on the planet. This man (Mike Moran) knows his stuff through and through. A very deep analysis of search can be found by reading the latest edition of what I consider to be a classic in the field - "Search Engine Marketing, Inc. for downloading the latest edition of Firefox. And don't forget to check out the plugins! One of my favorites is called IOPUS iMacros which is a wonderful tool that saves hundreds of keystrokes every day.

The Google Adword Keyword Tool You can use this free tool to examine phrases and terms in any industry and find out how many people are using that term for their search. You can use lastpass to help fill out all your login to all your sites. It is 256 bit encrypted so you can be sure it is safe. Highly recommended. I can't live without this plugin and feel total shame I am using it for free.

Skype  Obviously you will want this for VOIP communication. Share screen with others. Good for work and for play. I think it blows up occasionally, but its worth it...Sometimes it also does not play nice with other apps on my W7 machine.

TeamViewer You will want to try this out for yourself, for sharing screens with co workers or for a quick consult with a client. For meetings up to 25 participants. There is a free vs. Premium version. Quick and intuitive interface allows for easy use.

Theme Viewing - For viewing WordPress themes i have more or less settled on the themes at ThemeForest. What you need to do though is to make sure the theme you are looking at is viewable in all browsers, which you can easily overlook. To the right of the details you should see all the compliant data you need. Also check out the comments and whether or not the theme has an active support system or forum for answering all your questions, and you will have them. For mobile themes you should beware that just because the theme details say responsive or that the theme has the word responsive in it, that all your mobile problems will go away.







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