May 27, 2013

The LinkedIn Invitation Spam

Have you ever gotten a LinkedIn  invitation to your email account and wondered why? And did you know that your contacts were used by LinkedIn to send invitations to others, and know they feel spammed? There is something you can do about it.

You gave permission to LinkedIn unknowingly by not reading through all their small print when you signed up; they use the email account to to sift thru and send out those invitations, and you can cut them off at the pass by going to your gmail account and revoking access.

Just go to the following link and click on the check-box that revokes the permission. The second thing you can do is to go to your LinkedIn account and go to your inbox and find your sent invitations & withdraw them.

If this worked for you, and after a few weeks you do not find yourself getting any further intrusions on your privacy, you can relax and send this information to others who may wish to follow your example.



Edward Rosenthal

Edward worked at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in the hills of Berkeley Ca in the 70's, where the current internet backbone was being developed. He consulted scientists and programmed in fortran, cobol, pascal, C, and Oracle and Informix 4gl's. He worked corporate in the city as a freelancer for 12 years. Higher Source Web Sites started developing web sites in 2001, while in the real estate business. He started blogging and developing sites for his colleagues and his company, then other Real Estate companies. His background in business programming, database administration, & software development made staying within the soft technologies more appealing than other choices. He lives in Santa Rosa Ca with his wife Pam and runs a beagle rescue with Pam, teaches chess, and loves music and cinema.

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