November 8, 2011

11 Reasons Why Your Website isn't getting Traffic

11 Reasons why your web site isn't getting traffic

  • Overachieving graphics
  • Poor copy writing
  • Targeting the wrong market
  • Not targeting any market
  • Poor design
  • Takes too long to load a page
  • Too flashy and cutesy
  • Using poor contrast in color mixing
  • Poor credibility
  • Poor font choice
  • Navigation is non-uniform

It's important to take the time to develop a good web site but many times you need to consider your target market audience. You can't fish where the lake is dry or the fish aren't in school! Search Engine (SEO) has many facets, one of which is finding your target audience. Two things have to exist for you to succeed; You will need traffic and you will need motivated traffic. You cannot expect to come home with dinner on the table if the fish aren't buying what you think you are selling.

11 reasons why web work takes time

  • Layout
  • Graphics
  • Links
  • Menus
  • Logos
  • Content
  • Site maps
  • Colors
  • Spelling
  • Browser incompatibilities
  • W3c Standard Compliance

Each page should consider the above things each with its own standard. For example you want more text 'above the fold' so user doesn't have to scroll too much. You want your graphics to load quickly and not take up too much of the real estate. You want quality links incoming to improve your traffic. You want your menus to work properly and be uniform throughout the site etc.

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