August 13, 2011

30 Second Infomercial

I will arise and go now, and go to a higher source,
And a small web site will I weave there, of html and css made.
No animals will be hurt there, and no trees will be a-falling,
And be careful of the arachnids crossing.

For spiders crisscross there, to mark your business site,
Or for self-love do you build there, before your referrals alight.
Imagine your company colors there, and your copyrights,
And you can be found there, above the other sites.

So be careful of these spiders, they keep you company -
Wrangling a billion sites they are laboring, but luckily -
You are not disinclined to use the well refined
Higher Source Sites - "Web Design with Search in Mind"

(to be read with the melodious tones and rhythms of the voice of William Butler Yeats -
when he read aloud his "Innisfree")

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