August 6, 2011

Farm Sanctuary

Me and Chili

Farm Sanctuary - Goat named 'Chili'

Hi again, last weekend Pam and I visited the Farm Sanctuary outside of  Orland, a small Northern California town north of Sacramento, and near Chico Ca.

There you can visit the animals they have saved from destruction and slaughter, haven taken them under their wing ( so to speak). We stayed in Orland, and being vegan we didn't have many choices - but there was one place i could recommend - a restaurant named 'Farwood',which had its own vegan menu, an astonishing coup for a town that size, and with a history of dairy farms.

The farm sanctuary movement started with Gene Baur - and as it says on their site:

"As Farm Sanctuary co-founder and president, Gene Baur has led a nationwide movement dedicated to farm animal protection. "

You can Visit their site at


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