September 4, 2011

Basic SEO after the designer has left the scene

I recently had the opportunity to work with a client on SEO for her site. One of the major considerations for SEOs is to replace image with text, on any landing page including the home page.  For some clients non in house SEOs must fight in house designers or other company silos for enabling design work with the SEO perspective. For other clients there are no such fights necessary, because there is no designer, no web developer; those who initially worked on the site are long gone. And that is what this situational circumstance was - the seo becomes the designer developer, with the new seo perspective.

Fortunately this circumstance is a welcome relief from web wars. It means being given latitude to redesign the site without constraints, with the seo perspective. Normally inheriting a site from a graphic designer means there will be a lot of work to do, since mostly those designs have not been indexed, and make seo work look good after the site gets some ranking.

In this case the design looked pretty nice, so i didn't want to change the appreciable aesthetic, but merely wanted to simulate it, and put in place the important seo attributes on the page.

No earlier seo work had been done, as evident in on the page attributes - there were no h1 tags, no meta description, no decent meta title, and no alt text for the images, and much of the text was graphical, and unsearchable.

For the Home Page this took a few hours to accomplish. That is the basic seo work one must do to clean up after the graphic designer has left the scene.

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