January 9, 2012

Offers to publish reciprocal links

Almost weekly I get offers to put up a link to some other site, in return for their putting a link to my site. Almost always I decline for a variety of reasons. Some of these cases i could have done a bit of effort and made it whole, but if they haven't done their homework or approached me properly, i say why bother? Here are some of my favorite reasons. Do you have some others?

  • I have no control of the anchor text on their end of the reciprocity.
  • Their page rank is less than mine
  • Their information is out of date
  • There are too many outbound links on that page
  • There are ads on the page
  • The Title Tag on the page does not contain keywords I consider important to my domain
  • I don't have control over the description meta tag
  • The image of my site has no alt text, and is out of date
  • They don't use the title attribute in their outbound links
  • Their email to me seemed generated and impersonal

Notice I don't have any design issues with their page. Text is still gold for seo.

Please let me know if you have other reasons for declining someone's seeming good intentions...



Edward Rosenthal

Edward worked at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in the hills of Berkeley Ca in the 70's, where the current internet backbone was being developed. He consulted scientists and programmed in fortran, cobol, pascal, C, and Oracle and Informix 4gl's. He worked corporate in the city as a freelancer for 12 years. Higher Source Web Sites started developing web sites in 2001, while in the real estate business. He started blogging and developing sites for his colleagues and his company, then other Real Estate companies. His background in business programming, database administration, & software development made staying within the soft technologies more appealing than other choices. He lives in Santa Rosa Ca with his wife Pam and runs a beagle rescue with Pam, teaches chess, and loves music and cinema.

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