January 9, 2012

Offers to publish reciprocal links

Almost weekly I get offers to put up a link to some other site, in return for their putting a link to my site. Almost always I decline for a variety of reasons. Some of these cases i could have done a bit of effort and made it whole, but if they haven't done their homework or approached me properly, i say why bother? Here are some of my favorite reasons. Do you have some others?

  • I have no control of the anchor text on their end of the reciprocity.
  • Their page rank is less than mine
  • Their information is out of date
  • There are too many outbound links on that page
  • There are ads on the page
  • The Title Tag on the page does not contain keywords I consider important to my domain
  • I don't have control over the description meta tag
  • The image of my site has no alt text, and is out of date
  • They don't use the title attribute in their outbound links
  • Their email to me seemed generated and impersonal

Notice I don't have any design issues with their page. Text is still gold for seo.

Please let me know if you have other reasons for declining someone's seeming good intentions...



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