June 6, 2012

Ethics for Webbies

Recently a business coach mentioned that for almost every profession there is a code of ethics.

I wasn't really surprised about that, and hadn't thought about it cogently. Unconsciously I was following

this code, culled from various places on the web, below.

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) has a more formal Code of Ethics here.

For a deeper understanding of ethics and where it comes from try this link.

Ethics for Webbies

  • Write in a standard code & method
  • Advise client of any deception on their site
  • Refuse job of any illegal content
  • Deliver fully functional product, with advice on how to use it
  • Balance relationship between function & design
  • Advise client on ownership rights of intellectual property ( photographs & other assets)
  • Refrain from stealing intellectual property
  • Do not overcharge clients, especially those who know little about the web
  • Do not charge for an original design but actually provide a template
  • Deliver product on time
  • Protect user information
  • Be honest in reporting site statistics
  • Not utilize pop up windows, pop under windows
  • Do not use repeating window loops which disables the back button or other techniques to trap visitors
  • Do not participate in ‘web rings’, a black hat strategy for seo purposes
  • Not to over-promote using html tags which have no relevance to content, as that might cause blacklisting by Google
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