May 10, 2012

What is a "Small Business" Thinking?

What is a "Small Business" Thinking?

Is this something that will help or hinder you as you ponder your business plans?

It seems to me that if you use the web and think of the "face" of your business entirely on the web, that there really is no "small thinking", that the leverage given to you via marketing on the web is the same as a large or very large company.

How important is it to to think about your business marketing and web presence in the early stages of your business? Let's think of an example where it might become apparent.

In other words let's say you are a plumber, a one man company that is a busy plumber and you like your situation. Perhaps you don't want or need more success. Eventually however you might outgrow that situation and want to hire and clone yourself so that you need not go out on calls, but will administrate instead. So to grow your company you need more presence, more visibility, more calls to be able to hire.

Even though you had not thought of it before, now the web becomes something you can leverage. What was missing before becomes now a necessity. But you had not yet even picked a domain name or hired a developer, it becomes apparent now that if you HAD done that earlier, you would have had more presence once your domain name had been registered, because the domain age now becomes a factor.

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