November 28, 2012

SEO expectations

I was recently talking to a colleague and he said he's like to be on page one for all the keywords in the industry. Well that is the gist of it, but i am paraphrasing. But no matter how you slice it is it realistic or even possible?

Well the answer is yes and no, which is the normal answer with SEO questions.

If you have 2500 a month to spend on an agency specializing in adding business citations to the industry's business directories, pouring over each page on the site to find optimization opportunities, adding properly optimized pages, and having a mind reader on the team who liasons with Google engineers and the company president then the answer is a qualified yes.

If you only have one person doing all the seo ( and not even the implementation of it all, but maybe 75% of the consulting aspect ) then a definite no.

In this case the industry is competitive, with national franchises jockeying for first place, with professional videos and probably black hat engineers working for a high fee with national branding and well written sites, for each location, and thousands of backlinks from unique domains in themselves.

But again the expectations were pretty high, and pretty soon listening to those hopes and dreams left me feeling rather dreary. Life after all is too short to meet those visions of a sugar plum fairy at the end of the rainbow. Rather hope for a leprechaun at the end of the rainbow than meet that requirement.

And of course this has to happen right NOW.  Let's hear your comments...

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