November 22, 2012

Poetry and the Business of the Web

At one time in my life i was majoring in Creative Writing ( late 60's, early 70's) and sort of minoring in Russian Language. I had a surrealist view of the world, with an emphasis on existentialism. I wsa fascinated with Black Mountain Poetry, Zen Haiku, American Poetry by imagists and Dostoevsky. I liked Robert Bly and James Wright, and the translations of Tomas Transtromer.  At the same time I was interested in Code, writing in many different languages like Basic, and then when it came along Visual Basic. Pascal, C, assembly language, stuff that was at the heart of you guessed it - CPM!

Now of course the world is different, I look at it differently. Maybe the world is the same but we all change. How do we handle change in a world that is fast moving like ours? You hang on and have a few life principles to help you through your day.

So here are a few Thanksgiving Day Principles

  • Figure out who you are and how you help your customers
  • Ask them why they do business with you
  • Think of them as family to you (fortunately for you they adopted  you)
  • Help their business grow by being a good advocate of modern day practices
  • Measure and Test for them so they don't have to
  • Look at their business from their point of view
  • Look at their competitors because they don't have the time for it
  • Be creative for them in thinking about their marketing efforts
  • Use the best people around you to achieve their goals
  • Form a relationship that is synergistic for you both and finally
  • Leave no stone unturned, nothing left on the table, until they are satisfied with your work.


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