October 16, 2012

Web Management for Small Business

A very simplistic audit of websites will probably demonstrate several faults - here is a list of some of them - see if you can find sites that have these defects.

  • Can’t find the info - Navigation
  • Unwanted Distractions - Flash
  • Too much content/links/photos
  • Poor font choices
  • Browser incompatibilities
  • Can’t see the video on their mobile device

And that short list is just for visitors - what about the developers when they come to manage a site ?

  • Hard to manage/change
  • Missing source code
  • Spaghetti code
  • It breaks good principles (but Client likes it)
  • Table structure ( <table><td>)
  • Not under CSS
  • Not W3C compliant

You have to wonder what the process was when the site was built. Here are some things to avoid.

  • Ignore target market
  • Ignore design
  • Ignore planning
  • Ignore effort
  • Misunderstand Role of Web Designer
  • Not Budgeting for sustainability

Starting off with the right process would involve asking some pertinent and broad questions to help uncover the supposed purpose of the site, such as this short creative briefing....

What is the business value of having a site?
If you were a visitor to your site, what would you be thinking about?
Given a list of websites what do you like/dislike about them?
What is the tone of the site ( humor? Documentary? Sales? Wiki? Conversational?)

A full on web staff would at least have these considerations for partial employment -
the asterisks include things HSS can do.

  • *Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • *Programmer
  • ¨Internet Marketing Specialist
  • *Search Engine Optimization Specialist
  • Seo Writer
  • Internet Copywriter
  • Photographer/Videographer
Our target market (B2B) mostly consists of:
  • Startups like a new Restaurant, Manufacturers, Service Providers, Trades people
  • Business with older website that needs more flexibility ( conversion possible)
  • Business that has lost its webmaster and needs some changes made on a regular basis ( maintenance

And our target market (B2C) consists of some of the following -

  • Authors that need a blog
  • Artists that need portfolio online medium
  • Community sites that are non profits that need maintenance
  • Individuals that want to create a community forum type of site
Higher Source Sites would like to maintain your website, upgrade it when necessary. We offer free consultation and a maintenance contract that won't hurt your bottom line, and give you peace of mind that your website is on the right track.
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