February 28, 2012

Low Hanging Fruit (SEO)

I was thinking recently about how to find ways to get some traffic to your web site, something that would be easy to describe and easy to implement. I think the best way to describe it is the idea of "low hanging fruit".

Let's say you have a site - let's use Cary on Fitness as an example. Cary Hiner is an excellent example because he is local and has a lot of competition in the physical fitness industry. He is up against some big companies like fusion fitness and 24 hour fitness etc. So what would I do if i were Cary?

First go to my site to the resource page and go to the google adwords link and click on that. Then plugin your site domain and use the following search criteria. You might have to use your gmail email account to get all the columns in your search, if you wanted to dig deeper. So your search might look like this ie;

So using the adwords data here can show some interesting stuff, although it is not an advanced research tool it has several advantages. One is that it is free, and that is a big plus. Another one is that it is a fast idea generating tool. You can see at a glance whether or not you want to use some of these terms in a new post or a new page. So for example you have "speed exercises" is one of the "low hanging fruit" limbs from the SEO tree, so to speak. You can write an optimized post with that term and see whether or not it drives more traffic to your site. If you already had a post with those terms, then you have a control laboratory built into the site, for those terms. Just watch for traffic for both posts to see if there is better traffic to an optimized page then the other one. You can download the entire data set up to a hundred rows and sift through the data at your desktop convenience.

Why fight the high competition unless you have to?











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